48 Casual Jeans Sweater Ideas for Winter Outfits

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Good morning! Happy Hump Day! Today i will launching a 5-part series on casual outfit formulas for moms (or all women, really!) We certainly don’t want to alienate women who aren’t moms.I feel like this first one is a bit of a cop-out since it is pretty much what I wear all the time, but then, I certainly couldn’t do a series on casual outfit formulas and skip my favorite! Of course, just about any one of these components can be changed out to create another easy outfit. Swap the ballet flats for ankle joint boots or riding boots, swap the headscarf for an extended jewellery, swap the skinnies for bootcut jeans, or jazz it up with a

striped slipover or leopard flats for a few fun pattern compounding.
But if you’re at a loss, this basic outfit formula will serve you well for almost any casual occasion. I picked up this classic crewneck pullover and the checked flannel scarf at the J.Crew Outlet last weekend. This sweater comes in half-dozen colours, and that i love the classic work.

It’s so hard to find a sweater that isn’t long and baggy these days! The scarf is a super soft flannel, and it’s not too thick so it drapes nicely and can be worn as part of your outfit or as outerwear.