5 Great Edinburgh Restaurants On or Near the Royal Mile

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Cannonball Restaurant House Salad Edinburgh Restaurants Royal Mile

When we traveled to Edinburgh, we were on the lookout for great restaurants, but also restaurants that were close to where we were staying on the Royal Mile.  We discovered five delicious Edinburgh restaurants on or near the Royal Mile, some through research and some just by happenstance.  They ran the gamut from fine-dining, Michelin-rated restaurants to casual eateries.  All had fantastic food and are worth a visit.

Wedgwood the Restaurant

Wedgwood the Restaurant Edinburgh Restaurants Royal Mile
Wedgwood the Restaurant is a Michelin-rated Edinburgh restaurant located right on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.  The Michelin rating is not Wedgwood’s only accolade.  It has also received the STLN Wine Award, been listed in the Sunday Times Top 100 Restaurants, and received the Thistle Awards Hospitality Hero 2015.
Wedgwood the Restaurant is family-owned.  Paul Wedgwood is co-owner and head chef and Lisa Wedgwood is co-owner and restaurant manager.  Wedgwood the Restaurant is the result of a dream to open a fine dining restaurant in informal surroundings with exceptional service and using the best of Scotland’s ingredients, the makings for a perfect night out.
Wedgwood the Restaurant Hogget Edinburgh Restaurants Royal Mile

Our meal consisted of hogget, which is two-year old lamb, sea trout, and beef carpaccio.  We were amused by the asterisk next to the pigeon item, stating that the pigeon my contain shot.  This was not the last time we saw this note on a Scottish menu and I was lucky enough to receive some shot with my pigeon at a different meal.

Ondine Restaurant

Ondine Restaurant Seafood Platter Edinburgh Restaurants Royal Mile
Ondine Restaurant is another Michelin-rated Edinburgh restaurant just off of the Royal Mile.  Ondine is everything seafood, calling itself a “proper seafood restaurant.”  Ondine is a fine-dining restaurant, but also a place where you can roll up your sleeves and get a little dirty while diving into platters of succulent seafood.  Ondine also provides views of Old Town Edinburgh through panoramic windows.

Kim’s Mini Meals

Kim's Mini Meals Soup and Starters Edinburgh Restaurants Royal Mile
Kim’s Mini Meals is the farthest from the Royal Mile of these five Edinburgh restaurants, about a 10-minute walk and near the University of Edinburgh.  Family-owned Kim’s Mini Meals is also Michelin-rated and is the perfect restaurant for if you want something a little different, as Kim’s Mini Meals serves Korean food.  Kim’s Mini Meals doesn’t take reservations, so don’t be surprised if there is a long line outside the door as the restaurant is also quite small.  However, the wait really wasn’t that bad and the food was definitely worth it.
Kim's Mini Meals Dolsot Galbi Edinburgh Restaurants Royal Mile

Every meal starts with free side dishes and soup.  We also had pajeon, a pancake of eggs, flour, spring onion, and seafood, and dolsot galbi, marinated pork ribs in a hot stone pot.

Cannonball Restaurant & Bar

Cannonball Restaurant & Bar Edinburgh Restaurants Royal Mile
Cannonball Restaurant & Bar is an Edinburgh restaurant right on the Royal Mile and is a very convenient place to enjoy lunch after visiting Edinburgh Castle and before imbibing Scotch whisky at the Scotch Whisky Experience.
Cannonball Restaurant & Bar Oysters Edinburgh Restaurants Royal Mile

The Contini family has run restaurants in Edinburgh since 1919.  The Cannonball Restaurant & Bar is their newest restaurant which opened in 2014 right next door to Edinburgh Castle.  Cannonball serves upscale Scottish food with options like Scottish oysters, a house salad with seasonal greens and roasted local vegetables, haggis cannonballs, and local smoked salmon.

City Restaurant

City Restaurant Edinburgh Restaurants Royal Mile

If you’re traveling in the United Kingdom, you kind of have to get fish and chips.  When getting a ride from the Edinburgh airport to our hotel, we asked our taxi driver for recommendations near our hotel on the Royal Mile, the Radisson Blu.  He told us that one of his favorite fish and chips spots in Edinburgh was City Restaurant, which also happened to be only a six minute walk away.
City Restaurant is a casual restaurant that not only has fish and chips take-away, but also seating for dining in and some local beer.  City Restaurant also stays open until midnight, which made it the perfect place to have a quick dinner after arriving on our late flight.

City Restaurant Fish and Chips and Scampi Edinburgh Restaurants Royal Mile

City Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Fish and chips can be haddock, cod, or sea bass, and they even offer gluten free battered haddock.  There are also other fried seafood options like breaded scampi, tempura tiger prawns, and calamari rings.

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