An Awesome Long Layover at the Munich Airport

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Munich Airport Long Layover Germany

Long airport layover and an awesome time are not usually two concepts that go together.  However, you can have a pretty awesome time at the Munich International Airport, even with a layover that’s over five hours long.  On our way to the country of Georgia, we were able to get out of the airport and see Munich during a long layover.   On our way back home our layover in Munich was shorter and earlier in the day, which didn’t allow us to leave and explore more of the city.  However, the Munich International Airport, the seventh biggest airport in Europe, offered us plenty of things to do during our long layover.

Hilton Munich Airport Fit & Fly Spa Munich Airport Long Layover Germany

Our flight from Tbilisi left shortly after 5:00 in the morning and arrived just before 7:00.  So what did we do when we arrived in Munich so early in the morning?  Hit the spa of course!  Between terminals one and two of the Munich International Airport is the Hilton Munich Airport.  Their Fit & Fly Spa caters to travelers and is perfect for relaxing during a long layover. 

Hilton Munich Airport Fit & Fly Spa Whirlpool Munich Airport Long Layover Germany

Knowing we were going to hit the spa in Munich, I didn’t bother showering before heading to the Tbilisi airport and boarding our flight.  (I promise I did brush my teeth.)  Now, if we were those kinds of people, we could have worked out in the fitness center, but we’re not, so we went to the spa.  For 20 Euro (at the time of publication) we could get a two-hour pass to the Fit & Fly Spa.  For an additional 10 Euro, that can turn into a day pass. 

Hilton Munich Airport Fit & Fly Spa Coffee Munich Airport Long Layover Germany

A pass to the Hilton Munich Airport Fit & Fly Spa includes access to the heated indoor pool, whirlpool, sauna, gym, and changing rooms.  We could have also added a spa service like a massage, but there was plenty to keep us occupied for two hours.  We also enjoyed coffees at the spa bar and could have ordered food.  Once we were done soaking and swimming and saunaing, we were able to shower and freshen up for our long flight home.

Airbrau Stills Munich Airport Long Layover Germany

Our next stop after the spa was the Munich Airport’s very own brewery, Airbräu.  Sure, it was early in the morning, but it was five o’clock somewhere, right?  Especially when you’re traveling between time zones. 

Airbrau Keg Munich Airport Long Layover Germany

Bavaria is home to half of Germany’s breweries, so it only makes sense to have a brewery in the airport too.  Airbräu opened in 1999 and serves the cheapest beer in Munich (cheap in price, not cheap in flavor).  Airbräu brews a lager, a pilsner, a Bavarian wheat beer, and a seasonal beer.  Airbräu brews one million glasses of pilsner per year.  Beer is brewed in copper tanks with local hops.

Airbrau Master Brewer Rene Jacobsen Munich Airport Long Layover Germany

Airbräu is very popular, and not just with travelers passing through the Munich airport. The brewery is also frequented by locals and the thirty-thousand people employed at the airport.  We took a brewery tour given the head brewer Rene Jacobsen.  Travelers with a long layover at the Munich airport can book a tour of the brewery in advance.  If there isn’t enough time to leave the terminal to visit the brewery, there is a smaller Airbräu restaurant within the terminal inside security.

The brewery is located outside of the terminals, but within the airport’s central square.  The square is covered with a see-through roof and diamond shaped white shades so that when the blue sky shows through, the view is reminiscent of the blue and white Bavarian coat of arms.

Events are held in this central square, which can seat 2000 people.  In the summer there is a surfing pool, beach bar, and tennis courts.  Of course, all of this is outside the security area of the airport.  Travelers with carryon luggage don’t have to lug it around while exploring everything the Munich airport has to offer.  Luggage can be stored at one of the airport’s Service Centers.

Visitors Terrace Munich Airport Long Layover Germany

Sheltered within terminal two, but yet sort of outdoors, is the visitors terrace.  This large space provides a view of the airport and the runways.  There are telescopes to get an even closer view of the airport goings on.  The visitors terrace is enclosed but has access to fresh air.  It is the only airport visitors terrace that has opened after 9/11. 

Travelers with kids can visit the Visitors Park, which is outside of the airport terminals just a short train ride away.  Highlights of the Visitors Park include historic aircraft open for touring, minigolf, a playground, and visitors hill which provides a panoramic view of terminal one and the runways.

Relax Lounge Munich Airport Long Layover Germany

Travelers who wish to remain inside the airport have a lot of choices.  After all, the Munich airport is regarded as one of the best airports in the world, currently rated number three on the World Airport Awards and the only 5-star rated European airport.

Airbrau Beer Munich Airport Long Layover Germany

The Munich airport does its best to have local suppliers within their walls.  In addition to the in-terminal Airbräu, there is also a Dallmayr location within the terminal, a Munich coffeehouse and delicatessen that has been around since the year 1700. 

The airport is set up so that each component runs parallel, each divided by a one-kilometer hallway.  The first section is security, the next is shops, and the next is the gates.  Between every second gate is a station serving free coffee and tea.

Nap Cabs Munich Airport Long Layover Germany

The Munich airport is also set up for relaxing.  There are lounge stations throughout the airport and recliners at the gates.  Travelers who want to nap can take advantage of one of the sleeping lounges outside of the working well.  The napcabs can be booked per hour and paid for by credit card.  Inside is a bed, an alarm clock, and a place to plug in. 

We had a great time visiting the spa and exploring the Munich airport during our long layover.  It seemed like we were boarding our flight home in no time.  Forget sitting around for hours waiting to go home, use your Munich airport stopover time wisely and take advantage of everything this top-rated airport has to offer.
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