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Rooms Hotel Kazbegi Balcony View and Patio Review

We had no idea what the hotels in Georgia (the country) would be like.  A friend who’d been to Georgia told us about this fabulous hotel, Rooms Hotel Kazbegi, which pretty much left her speechless.  So of course, we had to stay there.  We were even more excited to learn that Rooms Hotel has a second property, Rooms Hotel Tbilisi.  We stayed at a total of five hotels in the country of Georgia and the two Rooms Hotels get our best reviews. 

The Rooms Hotel brand is a Georgian brand.  The first was the Rooms Hotel Kazbegi.  Rooms Hotel Tbilisi opened more recently.
We first stayed at Rooms Hotel Tbilisi.  Our first introduction to Rooms Hotel Tbilisi was after we had been traveling for over 24 hours and arrived in Tbilisi at 4:00 in the morning.  Even though we were exhausted, we were still aware enough to be thrilled with the room when we walked in.
Rooms Hotel Tbilisi Room 1 Review
Rooms Hotel Tbilisi Room 2 Review

The walls are papered in dark wallpaper and the floors are dark wood, giving the rooms a very rich feeling.  But they aren’t dark as the ceilings are white and so is the bedding.  The bedding was calling to us, and we were so happy to find that the beds are extremely soft and comfortable.  We were actually able to get in a few hours of sleep before we got up to check out all the things to do in Tbilisi.
Rooms Hotel Tbilisi Telephone Review
Rooms Hotel Tbilisi Stalin and Seven Dwarfs Review
Rooms Hotel Tbilisi Marshall Amplifier Review

When we awoke we got to check out the bathroom.  While small, the bathroom felt kind of like a personal spa as the wood floor continues into the shower, the planks just separate a bit so the water can run through to the drain.  It feels more like walking into a sauna than a shower.  
After a sound sleep and a warm shower, we were almost ready to start the day.  We just needed breakfast first.  Here’s the great thing about Georgians.  They are late risers.  Apparently, the standard workday is something like 10:00 to 7:00.  What that means for travelers is that breakfast is served late into the morning.  Rooms Hotel Tbilisi’s breakfast goes from 9:00 to 12:00, so we still got to enjoy breakfast. 
Rooms Hotel Tbilisi Breakfast Room Review
Rooms Hotel Tbilisi Breakfast Spread Review
Rooms Hotel Tbilisi Breakfast Review
Rooms Hotel Tbilisi Restaurant Review

Rooms Hotel Tbilisi’s breakfast buffet is quite a spread.  They serve anything and everything you might want to have for breakfast.  There’s matzoni (Georgian yogurt), candied nuts, fresh fruit, salad, hummus, vegetables, cheese, meats, pastries, and even eggs and pancakes made to order.
Rooms Hotel Tbilisi Lobby Review
Rooms Hotel Tbilisi Stairs Review
Rooms Hotel Tbilisi Bar Review
Rooms Hotel Tbilisi Lobby Library Review

The Rooms Hotels, which are part of the Design Hotels family, are a feast for the senses.  There is artwork all throughout the public areas.  The lobby is a cozy library, with shelves of books lining the walls plus comfy chairs and intimate seating areas.
Rooms Hotel Tbilisi Atrium Review
Rooms Hotel Tbilisi Patio Review

The rooms look out either over the street and Tbilisi’s fantastic architecture or over the garden.  The glassless windows of the brick building across the way are covered by blown up photographs of a Georgian artist, so looking out from a garden view room or walking to breakfast is like being in an art gallery.
During the same trip to Georgia, we also stayed at the Rooms Hotel Kazbegi.  If you encounter anyone that has traveled to Georgia, chances are they will talk about the Rooms Hotel Kazbegi.
Rooms Hotel Kazbegi Mountain View Review
Rooms Hotel Kazbegi is located in Stepantsminda (formerly known as Kazbegi) in the Greater Caucasus.  This is where travelers, including Georgian travelers, go to enjoy some of the best mountain views in Georgia.  While Rooms Hotel Kazbegi is great for Georgian winter travel, it is a year-round destination.  It is especially popular for those who want to make the trek to Gergeti Trinity Church.
It is worth mentioning again that Rooms Hotel Kazbegi has spectacular mountain views.  These views can be seen from many of the rooms, from the lobby, from the dining room, and from the outdoor patio.  It is possible to see Gergeti Trinity Church from all of these places, both during the day and at night when it is illuminated.
Rooms Hotel Kazbegi Lobby Review
Rooms Hotel Kazbegi Lobby Fireplace Review
Rooms Hotel Kazbegi Library Review
Rooms Hotel Kazbegi Bar Review

The hotel has a mountain cabin feeling with lots of light-colored woods, leather chairs, antler chandeliers, and cozy fireplaces.  The rooms are a little simpler than those at the Rooms Hotel Tbilisi, but I’m sure it’s so the room doesn’t take away from the balcony view.
Rooms Hotel Kazbegi Room Review
Rooms Hotel Kazbegi Gergeti Trinity Church Night View Review

The town of Stepantsminda is small, so there aren’t many restaurants, but that’s okay because the best restaurant in town can be found right inside the hotel.  The menu includes Georgian traditional foods, but with a modern twist.
Rooms Hotel Kazbegi Restaurant Soup Review
Rooms Hotel Kazbegi Restaurant Salad Review

Georgia’s Rooms Hotels were the best hotels in which we stayed during our travels through Georgia and rank among our all-time favorite hotels.

Rooms Hotel Design Hotel Review

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